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Help me sleep

Welcome to helpmesleep.ie, your ultimate destination for all-natural sleeping products.

We are an Irish couple who have been through the mill with sleeping problem and have pretty much tried and tested everything going. This is why we decided to create this webshop – so we could pass on the results of our trials and errors. 

We really do know what it is like to not be able to fall asleep; to have a sleep that feels like only your eyes are closed but your mind is going a mile a minute; to wake up every half an hour to check the clock; to be awake half the night only to fall into a deep sleep 45 minutes before your alarm goes off…..and all the variations these sleep problems.

Despite exhausting days we were determined to seek natural cures and not to relay on chemical sleep aids. This began our search into the huge amount of sleep products out there.

     So we’re not just sellers; we’re passionate about getting a good nights sleep and have personally experienced the transformative benefits of these particular products in our own lives. Nothing can really beat the feeling of having a good sleep, night after night – not just a once off!

     Now, we’re on a mission to share our experience with you. Browse our carefully curated selection and join us in embracing a good night’s sleep like never before. It’s time to wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the day.